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Selecting The Right Roofing Contractor

Getting a new roof or a roofing repair for your homes requires a huge investment, so it is important that you are in the know of all the details. Commit yourself to your own research to know a reputable company for your roofing jobs and to set aside the companies that are not well for your project. Be wary of work bids that are too good be true, as these might be from an uninsured company that are only working with substandard materials, according to roofing associations.

Make a list and from the list, take away the roofing companies that are scam. In searching for the right roofing contractor for your needs, look for a tax identification number, a working phone number and a permanent address of the business. Furthermore, it is great to ask for a local business license. It is also not bad to request for a list of clients the company has served in the past.

Look for a roofing company that specializes in installing the specific type of roof you desire for your residence. Roofing companies will have specific types of roofing projects they are credible with and roofing systems they are certified to install, and having a list of these will guide you to having the roof you want for your houses.

Some of the documents you will need for assurances are: general liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. This is to make sure you will not be liable for any injury or accident that might happen along with the work. Note if the company is licensed and bonded.

Make sure to have support written documents detailing the estimates and complete project description prior to embarking on the roofing service. Being in the know on the number of contractors, supervisors and workers for the project is also significant, as well as the time needed to complete the project.

Some contractors ask for a work up-front or paying for something before the work has even started, never deal with them.

At some points, homeowners might want to replace cedar shakes installed with asphalt-type shingles. These cedar shakes are sometimes hidden from the homeowner’s eyes. There comes a time when the cedar stakes and the asphalt shingles have to be taken away. These two types of roof systems both have specific requirements, and it is important to know about them. There is usually a problem when fastening the shingles with the cedar shakes, which would require the cedar shakes to have a breathing roof with spacing and proper ventilation. Cedar shakes are said to have a broad nail area, making fastening be easily done. Manufacturing standards say asphalt shingles have to be fasted with inch-strips. A solid roof deck must be present. Sometimes, the shingles row is not properly attached to the deck. Roofing contractors can avoid this problem. When replacing cedar shakes with asphalt shingles, never forget about modifications. Be wary about these tips and warnings.
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